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A brassiere is an undergarment that covers, supports, and elevates the breasts. Since the late 19th century, it has replaced the corset as the most widely accepted method for supporting breasts. A wide variety of bras are manufactured today.

Depending on her desire to conform to or rebel against cultural norms, a woman can choose from a wide assortment of bras for a variety of purposes: to enhance the perceived shape of her breasts, to minimize or to enlarge the perceived breast size, to restrain breast movement during an activity such as exercise, to enhance her cleavage, to conceal her nipples, to overcome sagging, for prosthetic purposes, or to facilitate nursing. In certain circumstances, like the work place, employers may require a woman to wear a bra. In most Western countries, the majority of women wear bras, although a minority choose to go without, sometimes for health or comfort reasons. Breast support is built into some garments like camisoles, tank-tops and backless dresses, alleviating the need to wear a separate bra.


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