asian beauty in nightgown - iphone 640 x 960

A nightgown (also called a nightdress) is a loosely hanging item of nightwear. Nowadays the term is almost exclusively applied to women's nightwear. A nightgown is typically made from cotton, silk, satin, or nylon. It may be decorated with lace appliques or embroidery at the bust and hem.

A nightgown may have any neckline, and may have sleeves of any type, or be sleeveless, and any shoulder strap or back style. The length of a nightgown may vary from hip-length to floor-length although it is typically knee-length. A short nightgown is often called a nightie. A slip nightgown may be used as a nightgown or as a full slip. A shortie nightgown is a functional short nightgown (often just a long or short T-shirt).

Panties (referred to as knickers in the United Kingdom) are sometimes worn under the nightgown. A nightgown is often worn with a matching outer garment, a robe, sheer chiffon peignoir or dressing gown.


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