Nao Nagasawa - iphone 640 x 960

Nao Nagasawa is a Japanese actress, singer and model. She is currently active as a model and also as one of the leaders of girl'sBOX activities along with Kayo Aiko and DRM (formerly dream) member Hasebe Yu. The three formed a pop group known as Kingyo in July 2007. She has since released a best album and girlsBOX-related album in March 2008. She was Best Known for her role as Nanami Nono/Water Ninja Hurricane Blue in the 2002 Super Sentai Series, and Reprised Her Role on Three More Occassions in the Super Sentai Teamup Specials Hurricanger Vs Abaranger, Boukenger Vs Super Sentai and Recently in the 25th and 26th Episodes of the 35th Super Sentai Series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.


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