monochrom - 1280 x 1024

monochrom is an international art-technology-philosophy group, founded in 1993. Its offices are located at Museumsquartier/Vienna (at 'QDK').

The group's members are: Johannes Grenzfurthner, Evelyn Fürlinger, Harald List, Anika Kronberger, Franz Ablinger, Frank Apunkt Schneider, Daniel Fabry, Günther Friesinger. In November 2005 Roland Gratzer joined as PR content manager, and in December 2006 Jacob Appelbaum became official monochrom ambassador.

The group works with different media and art formats and publishes the German book and zine/magazine series Monochrom.

Monochrom is known for its left-wing political work/civil society work and popularized the idea of "context hacking".

The group's website functions as a collaborative digital art community.

Monochrom administrates Dorkbot Vienna. Together with David "Daddy D" Dempsey they are running the DIY project "Hackbus".

In December 2005 Monochrom bought the Lord Jim Lodge, an art brand founded by Jörg Schlick, Martin Kippenberger, Wolfgang Bauer und Albert Oehlen.

Since 2007 Monochrom is European correspondent for Boing Boing Video.


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